Meditation For The Way Of The Truth


For Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq meditation is of the conscious part of the soul which is prepared to go through the Way of the Truth. When a man investigates himself and discovers his vices and tries to get rid of them, he must not neglect meditation lest he lose his contact with existing objects and become like an animal deprived of the delight of thinking and discovering what is behind the appearances of Existence. 177


A deeper look inside ourselves and at phenomenal existence will make clear our entire dependance upon God, not only in existence but also in the continuation of this existence. God created us and He preserves our existence, and it is up to His absolute will to do whatever He wishes for us and all creation. 150


Organise your time, in a matter appropriate to the times specific needs using gentleness and toleration and be very wary of either harshness or laxity. This is so because too much laxity concerning permissible matters pulls the heart backwards in its journey; until even a man of resolve ends up like a foolish boy.



Advice by Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq

Tasawwuf And Fiqh

For Imam A. Zarruq there is no tasawwuf without fiqh; because there is no other way to understand the commandments of Allah that concern the exterior except by fiqh. And fiqh is nothing without tasawwuf; because deeds have no meaning unless accompanied by sincerity (sidq) and dedication (tawajjuh).


Neither of them is of any use without true belief, neither of them [fiqh/tasawwuf] is valid unless true belief is present in the first place. (From the 4th Principle of his Qawa’id al-Tasawwuf).



Spiritual Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq

Know – may Allah give you and us success, rectify our worldly and otherworldly lives, and grant us adherence to the way of the Truth in our journeys and our sojourns – that repentance (taubah) is a key, piety (taqwa) is vast, and uprightness is the source of rectification. Furthermore, a servant is never free of blunders, shortcomings, or lassitude.


Therefore, never be neglectful of repentance; never turn away from the act of returning to Allah; and never neglect acts that bring you closer to Allah. Indeed, any time you fail to do one of these three things, repent and return. Any time you make a mistake, listen and obey.


Anytime you display shortcomings or show lack of enthusiasm, don’t desist in your efforts.


Let your main concern be to remove from your outward state anything displeasing, and then continue to work on your outward state through continuous counsel.


Continue doing this until you find that fleeing from anything outwardly displeasing is second nature to you and that your avoidance of the boundaries of prohibited things is as if it has resulted from a protective net that was placed before you. At this point, it is time to turn inward toward your heart’s presence and to its reality with both reflection and remembrance.


Don’t hasten the end result before you have completed the beginning, but, likewise, don’t begin without looking toward the end result. This is so because the one who seeks the outset at the end loses providential security, and the one who seeks the end at the outset loses providential guidance.


Act in accordance with principles and the appropriate legal rulings (of Deen) and not in accordance with stories and fantasies.