Hieronymus Bosch, 16th century AD

2. Another reason for the rebellion of the ignorant extremists is the ongoing military onslaught on the Muslim ummah. The arrogant powers of the West and the East in countries such as Kashmir, Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen etc. constantly ignite the flames of hatred by their meddling and interference. Profits so gained are never enough for the military-industrial complex in countries such as the United States of America, Israel, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, India in various degrees of severeness.


Another reason for this kind of supremacist policy of engendering despair (in people) esp. among the young generation is the ongoing encroachment into the countries of the South and their exploitation, many of which are Muslim countries, by the elites of the West and the East, without an option for self-governance and true independence.


It is difficult to convince people of the benevolence of the Western and Eastern powers when decade after decade their countries' economic bases are eroded. This is neocolonialism and an ongoing nepotism by corrupt leaders.



How Islam became the new enemy of the West after the Cold War had ended. (Profits for the industrial-military-supremacist complex). 

How the worst dictators are regularly supported by Western (and Eastern) powers.

How the most extreme islamic groups were fostered, trained and supported by Western clandestine organisations, which later turned into the worst caricatures of Islam, while still finding support from the secret cabals of various ruling elites.



Clarification of Extremism

1. Many scholars have researched the so-called proofs of the extremists and found that they are not sincere or at least helplessly ignorant of the sources which they have picked out of the ocean of Mercy which constitutes the Islamic teachings.


They are definitely not sincere in that they deceive the uninformed (Muslims as well as non-Muslims) because

- they generalize what is meant to be specific,

- they go so far as to falsifying prophetic reports, or

- they follow abstruse interpretations by marginal scholars, such scholars who are not acknowledged by the general consensus of the time-proven traditional schools of jurisprudence in Islam.


One of the reasons why the extremists are able to do this - thereby deceiving quite a few well-meaning Muslims - is that - in the wake of colonization in the 18 & 1900s - the Muslim nation has not only lost its ruling system (1924 Khalifah, Sharia, its scholars, its islamic universities and the whole teaching structures), but also its own law enforcement and security forces, which would take care of the criminals.



After The Cold War: Islam

The Remedy

The answer to violent extremism amongst Muslims is tasawwuf. Not Sufi clubs; but tazkiyat al-nafs. 


Spiritually lost and imbalanced individuals struggling with self-loathe, insecurities, jealousy, and other emotions, unable to control them, are filled with anger and frustration. Instead of directing the anger and frustration towards their lower self (nafs), they take the easy way out and target the temptations. 


The solution, however, is to instead target the very essence of the temptations themselves, to purify the self from desiring that which is displeasing to the One, and transform into desiring the Book and the Sunnah.


Sh. Isa Husayn J, 2017-03-28


This is the role of tasawwuf …more on tasawwuf



Cultural Imperialism

3. The situation is aggravated by the fact that on top of those economic injustices - which are well-known by now - there is levelled a materialistic, hedonistic cultural policy which - objectively aims at the destruction the traditional societies of the South, not the least Muslim traditional entities. Tradition* does not fit well into the grinding process of commercialization and the ensuing degradation of the human fabric as envisioned by the modern globalists.


These policies aim at destroying age-proven values such as the centrality of the Sacred, incl. the practice of religion and of fundamental values of morality and decency.


The Muslim world seeks to reassert its independence, and rightly so. But by which means - by any means? Certainly not. Ask those who know better how the Holy Prophet worked and struggled for the Pleasure of Allah (swt).


If Muslims could choose freely they would like to be left alone and manage their own affairs, but the arrogant ’super’-powers won’t let this happen. Instead they continue with their policies unabated.


May Allah save the Muslim Ummah!

May Allah awaken the people of the North, the West and the East to the fact that they themselves are victims of this greedy, profane and immoral way of life, which has no other end but its own destruction.


May all turn to the Way of the Prophet , who improved his people’s lot - even in this life - through non-violent means.


Allah knows best & most!


*more on tradition



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