Trump: Obama and Hilary ‘Founded ISIS’

Trump: Obama and Hilary ‘Founded ISIS’

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Trump: Obama and Hilary ‘Founded ISIS’

by Brandon Martinez1

Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton "founded ISIS" together, said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in his latest skewering attack.

"ISIS, in many respects, donors President Obama... Obama founded ISIS.... and the co-founder is crooked Hilary Clinton," Trump told a crowd in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He repeated the suggestion in subsequent interviews, refusing to back down after pressure to retract.

Trump's accusation has largely proven correct. ISIS directly grew out of a failed US-led policy to overthrow Syria's Assad. From 2011 onwards, the CIA has coordinated weapons and money flows to Syrian rebels who, eventually, formed ISIS and a number of other groups with an extreme Salafist-Takiri orientation – something that the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) spoke about openly in internal memos sent to the White House in 2012, yet the policy of supporting the militants continued. The former head of the DIA, Michael Flynn, told Al Jazeera that the decision to arm radicals in Syria was a "wilful decision" on the part of the Obama White House, and not an unintended consequence or "mistake," as some apologists would have us believe.

While Trump will lay the blame for ISIS and the woes of US Middle East policy at the feet of Obama and Clinton – two figureheads for the Zionist power structure – he still refuses to identify Israel's central role in destabilising the Middle East – using American military muscle to do it – in pursuit of its Oded Yinon reconfiguration plan. That plan, which Netanyahu is undoubtedly pursuing to this day, endeavours to carve up Arab states into smaller ethnic and religious enclaves that are easier for Tel Aviv to dominate and bully.

Trump is carefully directing blame away from Israel and towards the front-men and window dressing, like Obama and Clinton, who are simply taking orders from their Zionist bosses. Now that Obama is on his way out of the White House, it is convenient for the Zionist elites who put him in power to scapegoat the president for what is a strategy conceived and spearheaded by Benjamin Netanyahu, who happens to be friends with Donald Trump.

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