”While 19th century materialism closed the mind of man to what is above him
20th century psychology opened it to what is below him.” René Guenon

Modernism And

The Modern World

Omar K Neusser

Part 1: What Is Modernism?

Tradition Betrayed; The False Prophets Of Modernism
By Professor Harry Oldmeadow[01]

A rigorously objective refutation of modernist doctrines of Nietzsche, Darwin, Freud and Marx, as seen from the perspective of the Unchanging Tradition.

- modern mythologies obscure the Real
- a Hindu prophesy from ~ 1000 AD about the modern times:
  ”In those days it will be wealth that confers distinction.”

Modernism is: anti-traditional, progressive, humanistic, rationalist, materialist, experimental, individualist, egalitarian, free-thinking and intensely sentimental.

4 characteristics of modernism acc. to SH Nasr:
- anthropomorphism*, and by extension secularism,
- evolutionist progressivism,
- the absence of any sense of the sacred,
- an unrelieved ignorance of metaphysical principles.

* (the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to God, animal, or object.)

fullsize: typical features of controlled demolitiontypical features of controlled demolition

01: Wikipedia: Harry Oldmeadow
02: Some Texts by Harry Oldmeadow (themathesontrust.org)