This is a presentation of some facts and background information on the disgraceful assault of the Zionist Army (’IDF’) on the people of Gaza, July, August 2014; provided by the social networking community.
After observing the ’Israel - Palestinian conflict’ for decades, we have come to the conclusion - that there is – on the side of the Israeli occupants (the government and its supporters) – no will and no desire to strive for a peaceful and equitable solution.

Such a solution would have to start with the Israeli admission of reality, esp. that the Zionists have been unjust and oppressive against the Palestinians for a long time and that they would treat them as equals in future.
Of course, compared with the racism and supremacism of today’s Israel, this is a bold step, but there is no alternative. Bombs are no solution.
Remember: The Palestinian don’t have much to lose, but the Israelis would have so much to win! Not the least a life in peace with its neighbours.

NB. Much of the recent reprehensible muslim(?) extremism (from the East to the West) has been nourished by the non-healing, pestering wounds of occupied Palestine.

Statistics On Palestine, Israel

by @OmarKN


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End Israeli War Crimes!

The Zionists want to be slave masters. People in the world protest against these arrogant killers of unarmed civilians, most of them are women & children!
Resisting the oppressor is a duty for every man.

Surely, the bloodthirsty Zionists are doomed, they will not succeed. God hears the prayer of the oppressed!

{ No doubt! The curse of Allah is on the oppressors (zálimún ).}
Sura 11, v.18

Population distribution of Israel, State of Palestine and British Palestine 1922 - 2014 (estim. 2035), in millions


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