Chapters from the Text: What is Jihad?

by Dr. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

We recommend this text1 to study it, here are the chapters, the link is below:

  1. Recognizing The Creator And Loving Him Most

  2. Resisting Pressure Of Parents, Peers, And Society

  3. Staying On The Straight Path Steadfastly

  4. Striving For Righteous Deeds

  5. Having Courage And Steadfastness To Convey The Message Of Islam

  6. Defending Islam And The Community

  7. Helping Allied People Who May Not Be Muslim

  8. Banishing Those Who Act Treacherously

  9. Defending Through Preemptive Strikes

  10. Gaining Freedom To Inform, Educate And Convey The Message Of Islam In An Open And Free Environment

  11. Freeing People From Tyranny

  12. What Should Muslims Do When They Are Victorious?

  13. Did Islam Spread By Force, Swords Or Guns?2

May Allah's peace and blessings be upon Sayyiduna Muhammad, his family and his companions.

2017-11-19 vs.1.2; from 2013-12-27
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