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Islamic Resources 2

Important Resources for the Muslim Community

By OmarKN

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Important Resources 2 for the Muslim Community,
Islamic Resources 1 is here: [link]

Section 1


Can We Trust Hadith Literature? Understanding the Processes of Transmission and Preservation

· How has Islamic civilization maintained the rich literary heritage of Ḥadīth developed by early Muslim scholars? What guarantee is there that the collections of ḥadīths in our possession have reached us accurately and that they were compiled by their purported authors?

yaqeeninstitute.org Muntasir Zaman, October 30, 2018


What Does Sharia Really Say About Abortion in Islam? Abortion is not a simple option of being pro-life or pro-choice, Islam recognizes the nuance.

· Part of Islamic faith is the belief that our bodies are an amanah from God. The Arabic word amanah literally means fulfilling or upholding trusts.
· It is unanimously agreed by the scholars of Islam that abortion without a valid excuse after the soul has entered the fetus is prohibited entirely. (120 days).

muslimmatters.org Reem Shaikh, May 21, 2019


xL =broken link 2020-10-03: http://karamah.org; Family Planning and Islamic Jurisprudence; Azizah Y. al-Hibri, J.D., Ph.D. (pdf),
Birth control AND abortion are allowed under most mainstream interpretations of Islamic law. A lot of Muslims are also under-informed about this issue. @HindMakki



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