A Question To Pose:

All human beings must seek answer to the following question, and they should do this in their best interest:

How do I find God?

Having answered it they must then set out to verify the truth of their answer by finding God in fact, not in theory.

Finding (wujūd) also has the meaning of existence or being.
Important: What is at stake here is not the mental or philosophical concept of Being,
but experiencing God's Being as 'tasting' (dhauq).

Because of the fact that in this existence there is nothing but the necessary Existent, which is God, from which all other so-called existences or 'beings' are derived or 'on loan', there has to be in this life a constant lifting of those veils which separate us from God,
therefore the above question of "how do I find God?" has to be reformulated into:




How can I remove the veils, that prevent me from seeing God?














From Chittick's translation and comment on parts of the
Futuhat al-Makkiyya by Ibn ĘżArabi:

"The Sufi Path Of Knowledge -
Ibn ĘżArabi's Metaphysics of Imagination"

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