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Introduction 1

Avec cette site du web nous voulons informer sur l'islam, sa tradition, civilisation et culture à un niveau profond et enlever des malentendus sur sa realité et nature vraie.

This web site is a collective work designed to present the Islamic principles by subject and theme. Initially the translation of the verses of the Quran and sayings of the Prophet (hadīths) will be given in four languages:
English, French, German and Swedish.

Other languages will come later by the will of God.

Introduction 2

We have chosen a couple of verses of the Quran by way of illustration, followed by a few hadīths related to the subject.

Some of these hadīths had to be shortened, but included will be the name of the first person who related the hadīth and the source of hadīth collections from which they were extracted.

Téma actuel: ad-din, la religion

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