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Literature on Umm ul Mu'mineen
and M. Rabia Basri

(Looking for literature on the lives and characteristics of the blessed Umm ul Mu'mineen and M. Rabia Basri.

I have some books in the Urdu language, but I am having difficulty finding anything in English.)

Two translations stand out:

Author: Bint Al-Shati [the Egyptian scholar Dr. Aisha bint Abdurrahman]

Title: The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad [upon him blessings and peace]

Subtitle: Translated by Matti Moosa, in collaboration with D.

Nicholas Ranson

Publisher: Gorgias Press LLC

Publication Date: Oct/13/2006

ISBN: 1-59333-398-6

Format: Hardback 6 x 9, 1 volume(s), xxii + 224 pages, illustrations

Weight: 1 LBS.

Price: US$48.00


The second translation is:

Early Sufi Women

Dhikr an-Niswat al-Muta`abbidat as-Sufiyya

by Abu `Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami

Translated by Rkia E. Cornell

Fons Vitae, 1999

ISBN 1-887752-06-4


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