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(Nasiha li Ikhwanina ʿUlama' Najd - Complete) & AL-HADDAD'S REFUTATION OF THE INNOVATOR FROM NAJD (Misbah al-Anam fi Radd Shubah al-Najdi al-Bidʿi al-Lati Adalla biha al-ʿAwamm - Introduction)

Introductions by Dr. M.S.R. al-Buti and Sh. M.H. al-Kabbani.

Forthcoming at Al-Sunna Foundation of America, Fall 2000. Contact ihsan/at/isn1.net or ahmed/at/isn1.net or order through Islamic Shopping Network at www.sunnah.org (click "publications").

Titles: Advice to Our Brothers the Scholars of Najd. Followed by Refutation of the Innovator from Najd. Authors: al-Sayyid Yusuf al-Rifaʿi and al-Sayyid al-Habib ʿAlawi al-Haddad lxxxvi p. + 393 p. Translation, notes, and appendices by GF Haddad.


Translator's remarks About the authors and contributors

Introduction by Sh. Muhammad Hisham al-Kabbani: "200 Years of New Kharijism and the Ongoing Revision of Islam"

Introduction by Dr. Muhammad Saʿid Ramadan al-Buti: "The Salaf Loved the Prophet ﷺ and Preserved His Vestiges and So Should our Brothers of Najd"

PART ONE Al-Rifaʿi: Advice to Our Brothers the Scholars of Najd (1420/1999)

[0. Prologue]
[1. Charging the Muslims with shirk]
1. Calling the Muslims: "Pagans"
2. Calling the Muslims: "Apostates"
3. Calling the Muslims: "Deviants"
4. Calling the Muslims: "Innovators"
5. Shutting the Mosque in Madina at Night
6. Imposing the Style of Najd in Adhān
7. Monopolozing Teaching in Hijaz
8. Preventing Burial in al-Baqi'
9. Obstructing and Scolding Women in Madina
10. Posting Hoodlums at the Noble Grave
11. Blocking Women from Visiting Baqi'
12. Grave Destruction and Desecration
13. Police Interrogation Centers
14. Razing of the Mosque of Abu Bakr (RA)
15. Interdiction of "Dala'il al-Khayrat"
16. Forbidding Mawlid Gatherings
17. Forbidding Qunūt in the Fajr Prayer
18. Monopolizing the Position of Imam
19. Destruction of Our Historical Vestiges
20. Aiding the Arch-Innovator, al-Albani
21. Aiding Another Rabid Extremist [ʿAbd al-Rahman ʿAbd al-Khaliq]
22. Erasing Poetry in Praise of the Prophet ﷺ
23. Asking to Demolish the Green Dome
24. Not Saying "al-Munawwara" for Madina
25. Not Saying "Sanctuary" for Madina
26. Falsifying Our Scholarly Heritage
27. Indecencies of Guards towards Women
28. Terrorizing Muslims inside the Haram
29. Willfully Creating Unlawful Situations
30. Doctrinal Inquisition of Students
31. Libeling Ulema Who Disagree with You
32. Attempting to Close Down al-Baqi'
33. Replacing Khadija's House with Latrines
34. Eradicating the House of his Mawlid
35. Repudiating the Hanbali School
36. Hacks Reviling the Imams of Islam
37. Outlawing Nasiha to Rulers
38. Committing Criminal Excesses
39. Brain-Washing Young Activists
40. Declaring Everybody Apostate
41. Suppressing Sessions of Fiqh and Dhikr
42. Apostatizing the Awliyā' and Shuhadā'
43. The Sham(e) of Madina University
44. Outdoing Ibn Taymiyya and his Friends
45. Exporting Fitna to the US and Europe
46. Waging War on Islam and the Muslims
47. Calling Sunnis "Jahmis" and "Mu' tazilis"
48. Reviving Kharijism
49. Contempt of the Ulema
50. Recent Elimination of a Vestige
51. Defacing Masjid al-Qiblatayn
52. Razing the Gardens and Wells of the Companions (RA)
53. Closing the Madrasas in al-Ahsa'
54. Razing Abu Ayyub al-Ansari's House
55. Destroying an Invaluable Library
56. Madina Destroyed, Khaybar Preserved
57. Executions for Using Ruqyā for Healing

PART TWO Al-Haddad: Refutation of the Innovator from Najd (Introduction) (1216/1801)

1. Fatwas and Books on the Wahhabiyya
2. Ibn ' Afaliq al-Hanbali's Challenge to Ibn ' Abd al-Wahhab
3. Position of al-Mahdi (AS) on the Wahhabiyya
4. Ibn Dawud al-Hanbali's al-Sawa' iq wa al-Ru'ud
5. Some of the Deviations of Ibn ' Abd al-Wahhab
6. His Charge of Shirk Against the Muslims
7. Sixty Hadiths Predicting Ibn ' Abd al-Wahhab
8. Outline of Misbah al-Anam's 17 Chapters
9. Teaching Anthropomorphism
10. Ibn ' Abd al-Salam on Pre-Wahhabis

Appendix I :
Visitation of the Graves by Women
Appendix II :
The Light of the Prophet ﷺ
Appendix III :
Disinformation in the Two Sanctuaries
Appendix IV:
The Hadith: "Whoever Visits my Grave, My Intercession is Guaranteed for Him" (2nd version)
Appendix V :
The Meaning of "Najd"
Appendix VI :
Al-Albani and Company


GF Haddad
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