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The New Age Movement
ed. OmarKN, from Charles Upton: The System Of Antichrist
The New Age Movement is of course a conglomerate of thousands of distict groupings, some of which are fighting against each other for they are competing for the following by the 'masses' with all the benefit this entails. They do however share distinct characteristics, which have already been listed at this site (arrow out). Here some more information on their workings will be presented.
Partly from Charles Upton: The System Of Antichrist

 1.) What anti-traditional movements, such as New Age deny
1. They deny that God - Allah knows us better than we know Him.
2. They deny that God actively intervenes in human affairs.
3. They deny that God requires something of us.
4. Therefore they hate revelation and deny it being of value. SAC391

    “The denial of revelation leads to a false image of intellection** as a kind of 'higher empiricism'. Those 'esotericists' who are looking for metaphysics without religion, an esoterism without the fullness of Tradition, will be tempted to see 'the deep things of God' as their private preserve, as arcane mysteries to be delved into, quasi-scientifically, by the 'intellect' transformed into a slave of mental passion, but not as the wisdom and power of the Living God, Who has a will and exercises it, Who actively intervenes in human affairs, and Who, far from being a mere specimen for their occult researches, requires something of them.”  SAC399
    **Intellection: “direct perception (of) Truth via the Intellect, which is a ray of that Truth, (either as inspired by the great historical revelations, or by the primordial Self-revelation of God, which is the cosmos.)”  SAC398
    “The function of revelation, along with its traditional expression, is to provide us dogmatic beliefs [or: a dogma, a teaching] which are [is] sufficiently wise to prevent us, on the moral level, from going seriously astray, and have sufficient objective truth, on the intellectual level, to lead us to knowledge and certainty.”  SAC392

5. They deny that there is such a thing as 'good and evil', at least objectively.

They hold that good and evil are values which are created by the person himself (or herself) and that therefore there is no objective good or evil. Also that every person knows (internally?) the meaning of 'good and evil'. So there would be no need for anyone else to tell them.

The followers of the New Age Movement are in spriritual despair with their false opinion about God, when they maintain that when something (a desaster) happens, it is inevitable (we would say divinely decreed) and therefore, they think they cannot / don't see themselves deploring it. Their nihilism, which here manifests itself as worship of blind fate, is in fact a denial of Divine Providence*, which is the faith, leading to knowledge, that everything that happens is by divine decree, and in a metaphysical sense, everything that God wills is the 'greater Good' because God is the Just, the Wise.
And fate-worship is the satanic counterfeit of the faith, because it is then held that everything that happens would have happened anyway, so that everything is meaningless - but 'we' (in the New Age Movement) can confer meaning upon it by worshipping it, even if we hate it, and empower ourselves by becoming the priests of it.
But to say that we can make no moral judgements on events, or even on our own actions (which is part of the same belief system) since they are all God's will, is to deny that it is also God's will that there be divinely-instituted moral laws, and that every human being should possess, at least virtually, a divinely-implanted moral sense, which leads us to be delighted by manifestations of good and appalled at manifestations of evil, even though all manifestations of good and evil are indeed God's will, and thus of a greater Good.
If good and evil did not exist, this moral law and this moral sense would have no field of operation, and it is God's will that they operate, since they are indeed in operation." SAC417

*Definition of 'providence': the guardianship and control exercised by God

 2.) The Aims of The New Age Movement
•  The destruction of revealed religions
in the name of a 'one world culture'. SAC391

 3.) One of the 'Signs of the Times', which N.A. ignores
__One of the 'signs of the times', [a development which New Age proponents glaringly ignore] is an unholy alliance between rationalistic, empirical thinking, including arcane* technology, and the occult sciences.
__As R. Guénon prophesised in The Reign of Quantity, 'classical' materialism is now splitting apart under its own dead weight, and flooding the world with energies from the 'infra-psychic' realm; an attraction to psychic powers, and a belief, for example, in UFOs and alien entities that bear all the marks of classical demons, have become pandemic in our society, without calling the materialistic paradigm into question in any essentiel way, a questioning which only could bear fruit if the dimensions of true, traditional spirituality were collectively understood. SAC419

*arcane: requiring very specialised, almost mysterious knowledge

Charles Upton; The System Of Antichrist;
Truth And Falsehood In Postmodernism & New Age


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