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* living islam - Islamic tradition *


About Islam:

- this website supports the idea that:
 • Islam has not come as a utopia for the perfect society in this world (dunya), instead it sees this world as a support for the Hereafter. Furthermore Islam is neither limited to the domain of faith (imān), nor to its domain of law (sharī`ah), and without actualizing the Islamic haqīqah (Islam in its aspect of divine truth and knowledge) man will miss his way.

 • Personal opinions are mostly deficient for the advancement on the Way, they are but a veil, as they are not rooted in the Islamic Tradition. This affair is a spiritual science and practice - and just like other sciences, it has its fundamentals, its branches, its predictable results ( bi-idhni-LLahi), it has to be studied and implemented and it has its experts, deriving from the blessings (barakah) of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

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1st principle:

*There is no reality but the one Reality, and
**Muhammad is the Messenger of this Reality.**
None is worthy of worship except Allah
Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

[40h on merit of the shahadah] [Oneness ι Allah (tauhid)]
[Confirming the Oneness ι Allah] [oneness ι perception]


Main areas of focus:

 • Keeping this doctrine of Islamic Tradition in mind, a Muslim's main focus in his thought (intention) and action (or avoidance of action) from the following principles:

- on the Holy Quran [L]
- about the Prophet Muhammad
- on hadith [and related] [L]
- on fiqh [db Q & A ] [L]
- some nasiha (advice) [L]
- some nawafil (extras) [L]
- on dhikr (remembering Allah) [L]

Some muslim authors:

- Ibn `Arabi [ov] [L]
- Imam Al-Ghazali (ra) [ov] [L]
- Shaykh Abd-ul Wadud al-Yahya [ov] [L]

- Sidi GF Haddad [ov] [L]
- Sidi Musa Furber [ov] [L]
- list of some scholars [ov] [L]


Issues of Post-Modernity:

- Modernism & (Post-) ModernThought [L]
- Crisis of the Modern World
- East & West

- metaphysical foundations [L]






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