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Inconvenient, Important


So we don't forget !

By OmarKN

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Inconvenient, because there are those who want to control what is said, written, and re: injustice, and lies and they don't want us to know.
Important, because normal people need to know what is closer to truth and reality - turning away from wishful thinking, propaganda and phantasy.

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2021 Inconvenient Links, latest at top

China & Uyghurs

China's Uighurs: The case for genocide has been made. Will the world act?

Myriam François, 9 March 2021
A groundbreaking report by more than 50 independent experts has concluded that China's policies in Xinjiang are a breach of the UN Genocide Convention.
Re: Genocide is the exact *right* word for the horrors of Xinjiang

Independent report claims evidence of Beijing's 'intent to destroy' Uyghur people

Ben Westcott and Rebecca Wright, March 9, 2021

'Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape

- BBC News, 2 February 2021
Some of the women who were taken away from the cells at night were never returned, Ziawudun said. Those who were brought back were threatened against telling others in the cell what had happened to them.
"There were many people in those cells who lost their minds."[4]

911 Conspiracy

The forgotten terrorist attack of sept. 2001 / not the WTC buildingṣ

Lawyers' Committee targets sham FBI probe of 2001 anthrax attacks

Craig McKee, March 9, 2021
Prominent 9/11 researcher Graeme MacQueen,[1] says the fact that we know the anthrax did not come from Muslim terrorists is hugely revealing about 9/11.
"What we're being told is that on September 11th real Islamic terrorists attacked New York and Washington and killed a bunch of people,” he says, "and starting about a week later, fake Islamic terrorists — because they pretended in their letters to be Islamic terrorists — who were people actually embedded in the U.S. military, attacked and killed a bunch of people in Washington and New York.
"It strains credibility.[3] It would make anyone ask, if the second one was fake then maybe the first one was too.□ comment: very probable!

YouTube, Google suppress AE911Truth, boost 'authoritative' sources like NIST

Craig McKee, November 25, 2020
The suppression of alternative voices on the internet, including those who challenge the official story of 9/11, is relentless. And it's getting worse.

India & Minorities

Delhi Muslims fear they will never see justice for religious riot atrocities

Hannah Ellis-Petersen and Sh Azizur Rahman in Delhi, Sun 28 Feb 2021

More than 25 Muslims in (Irfan's) neighbourhood were also allegedly denied the right to file a case by police, despite claiming to know the identity of their attackers.
They took their cases to a lawyer, Mehmood Pracha, but Irfan is one of the few who has kept up the fight after local BJP figures and police[2] allegedly threatened them with reprisals if they persisted in taking the matter to court. "I told them on no condition would I withdraw,” said Irfan.

  1. Graeme MacQueen is a member of LC911's anthrax committee and author of the 2014 book The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy.

  2. Delhi police, a predominantly Hindu force, is under the remit of the government's ministry of home affairs, led by Amit Shah, one of the most hardline Hindu nationalist ministers in the BJP government.

    "Due to the police's proactive role in threatening, assaulting and intimidating the riot victims, very few dare to open their mouths,” said Pracha. "The police took some complaints from Muslim victims but only on the condition that they would not name any police officer or any BJP member…”.

    "In many cases… police have named Muslims as the accused where they were actually the victims.”

    In several bail hearings against accused Muslims, the police have failed to produce any evidence.

  3. Listen to the Corbett podcast:
    Graeme MacQueen Reveals The Anthrax Deception

  4. More from the BBC article:
    "You can't tell anyone what happened, you can only lie down quietly," she said. "It is designed to destroy everyone's spirit."

    The women had their jewellery confiscated. Ziawudun's earrings were yanked out, she said, causing her ears to bleed, and she was herded into a room with a group of women.

    Forced sterilisation of Uighurs has been widespread in Xinjiang, according to a recent investigation by the Associated Press. The Chinese government told the BBC the allegations were "completely unfounded".

    "They say people are released, but in my opinion everyone who leaves the camps is finished."
    And that, she said, was the plan. The surveillance, the internment, the indoctrination, the dehumanisation, the sterilisation, the torture, the rape.
    "Their goal is to destroy everyone," she said. "And everybody knows it."

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