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أن رجلاً قال للنبي: أوصني، قال: لا تغضب فردد مراراً، قال: لا تغضب

A man came to the Prophet (the blessings and peace of Allah upon him) and said to him: "Advise me! "The Prophet said, "Do not become angry and furious." The man asked (the same) again and again, and the Prophet said in each case, "Do not become angry and furious."
Reported by Abu Hurairah, radiyallahu 'anhu, from the Prophet, ﷺ .
Sahih al-Bukhari 6116


1. Alphabetical List of Hadith

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When there is no [+] = the hadith is short and complete.
[nnnn_e] = the hadith is part of this page.

A nation that is led by a woman will not succeed.
[ o/abfm_e. ] [ o/wbm_e. ]

A people will come out at the end of times, immature, foolish and … [+]
[ k/hpf_e. ]

A Sura has just been revealed to me, and then recited: { In the Name of Allah … } [+]
[ k/hklh_e.#4 ]

Actions are only according to intentions, and to each only what he intended.
[ n/intn_e. ]

After the sperm-and-ovum drop (nut.fa) has been forty-two days, … [+]
[ n/hfhl_e. ]

Al-hamdu lillāh is the Mother of the Qur'ān and the Mother of the Book … [+]
[ n/qms_e.#20b ]

Allāh does not destroy except one who is already destroyed.
[ n/qms_e.#a ]

Allah loves spending and detests miserliness … [+]
[ n/hv_e…#h4 ]

Avoid relating my words except what you know for sure. Whoever lies … [+]
[ n/sth_e.#av ]

As-Salāmu ʿalaykum Ahl al-Bayt! wa rahmatullah
[ k/tab_e. ]

Because, you women grumble so much, and show ingratitude to … [+]
[ k/wiha_e.#tp ]

Blessings and glad tidings to the strangers, … [+]
[ sp1#36 ]

Bright does Allah make the face of his servant that records and conveys … [+]
[ n/sth_e.#brh ]

Charity (al-sadaqa) certainly extinguishes the Lord's anger and repels a bad death.
[ n/qms_e.#21 ]

Choose well where your seeds will go.
[ n/hfhl_e. ]

Could any of you beat his wife as he would beat a slave, and then [+]
[ fiqhi/fiqha_e32. ]

Disputing foreordained destiny (qadar) is for the worst of my Community … [+]
[ n/qms_e. ]

Do not hit the maidservants of Allah!
[ fiqhi/fiqha_e32. ]

Do not let length of time harden your hearts as … [+]
[ n/hv_e…#h3 ]

Do you know what al-Kawthar is?
[ k/hklh_e.#4 ]

Do you not know that the face is taboo?
[ fiqhi/fiqha_e32. ]

Every innovation is misguidance.
[ n/sdb_e.#ch-5 ]

Every lineage and means will be severed on the Day of Judgment … [+]
[ o/umuk_e. ] ( o/laqj_e.#lin )

Everything other than Allah is vain.
[ n/bhfd_e. ]

Fear of Allah is right here (al-taqwā hāhunā)
[ n/rkx_e.#up-3-8 ]

From every succeeding generation its upright folk shall carry this knowledge in turn.
[ n/sth_e.#brh ]

Glory to You! I cannot sufficiently extol Your praise! … [+]
[ k/khkr_e. ]

God loves bravery … [+]
[ n/hv_e…#h4 ]

He for whom Allah desires great good, He grants him understanding in the Religion.
[ n/rkx_e.#12 ]

How can you kill him after he said La ilaha illallah?
[ o/ftaw_e.#hk ]

I am as My servant thinks of Me and I sit with him when he remembers Me … [+]
[ naw/daa_e. ]

I am leaving among you the two weighty matters: Allah's Book and the People of my House.
[ k/ab_e. ]

I dozed off and saw my Lord.
[ n/va_e. ]

I exhort you to beware of Allah - Almighty and Exalted! I exhort you to hear … [+]
[ k/fms_e. ]

I forbade you to visit the graves but [now] do visit them!
[ n/absn_ei. ]

I have left among you two matters by holding fast to which … [+]
[ sm1#6 ]

I have not seen any one more deficient in intelligence and religion than you … [+]
[ k/wiha_e. ]

I saw my Lord ( ra'aytu rabbi )
[ n/va_e. ] [ n/bvis_e. ]

I was ordered to fight people until they say: 'There is no God but … [+]
[ o/abil_e.#o ] [ n/shfi_e.#twd ]

If Abu Talib were alive he would have liked to see this … [+]
[ o/twua_e.#at ]

If one of you stands in prayer, let him not spit in front of him for Allah is in front of him.
[ n/itsw_e.#ns ]

If what you say of him is true, you have slandered him [i.e. it is backbiting] … [+]
[ o/dstm_e.#sl ]

It is not fitting that any human being should prostrate to another human being … [+]
[ o/mmcr_e. ]

It may be one carries understanding (fiqh) without being a person of understanding (faqīh).
[ n/shfi_e.#uf ]

Jump, O Banu Arfada!
[ k/hdra_e.#j ]

Keeping family ties and good manners builds up one's house and increases life.
[ n/qms_e.#21 ]

Let absolutely no woman lead a man in prayer!
[ o/wbm_e. ]

Let none of you come to me with anything (negative) about any of my Companions!
[ n/shb_e.#lny ]

May Allah Taãla bless the person who keeps a lash hanging in his house for … [+]
[ k/dpd_e. ]

Most of the people of Paradise are the naive (al-bulh).
[ n/rkx_e.#5h ]

My Community shall not agree on an error.
[ o/ftaw_e.#ce ]

My intercession is for the grave sinners of My Community.
[ n/qms_e.#3 ]

My life is an immense good for you: you bring up new matters … [+]
[ k/hklh_e.#1 ]

My Lord came to me in the best form.
[ n/bvis_e. ]

Narrate from the hadith of Bani Isra'il and there is no harm in doing it.
[ n/vwh_e.#nbi ]

No, lest people say: Muhammad kills his own companions.
[ k/hklh_e.#2 ]

No capital requital except by the sword (lā qawad illā bil-sayf)
[ n/akaw_e. ]

No nation shall succeed that is led by a woman.
[ o/abfm_e. ] [ o/wbm_e. ]

No people mention Allah but the angels surround them, mercy covers them … [+]
[ naw/daa_e. ]

No Prophet will come after me.
[ sp1#44 ]

None of you is a believer until he loves me more than his own soul.
[ n/tufm_e. ]

Nor do I hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take back the believer's soul … [+]
[ k/asht_e. ]

O Allah! Do not make any loss of ours be in our Religion, nor make the world … [+]
[ n/rkx_e.#5h ]

O Allah! Guide Quraysh, for the science of the scholar that comes from them … [+]
[ n/shfi_e.#2hs ]

O Allah! Make harmony between them and make them love one another.
[ o/mmcr_e. ]

O Allah! Make Your little servant and his mother beloved to Your believing … [+]
[ n/vii_e.#ah ]

On the Day of Resurrection, Allāh shall come to the people in the form … [+]
[ n/slfm_e. ]

On the Day of Resurrection every means and lineage will be cut off except … [+]
[ o/laqj_e.#lin ] ( o/umuk_e. )

Order your boys to pray at seven and hit them for [neglecting] it at ten.
[ k/dpd_e. ]

Peace be upon you, abode of the believing people and we, if God so wills … [+]
[ k/hklh_e.#3 ]

Righteousness (al-birr) is whatever your chest becomes dilated in doing … [+]
[ n/rkx_e.#3 ]

Say nothing to me as long as I say nothing to you. Were it not for fear that you … [+]
[ n/asym_e. ]

Shall I not inform you of the one who will carry the lightest burden on the Day … [+]
[ n/annj_e. ]

Seek knowledge even as far as China.
[ n/skx_e. ]

Sin (al-ithm) is whatever pricks the conscience.
[ n/rkx_e.#aq ]

The Antichrist (al-dajjal) is one-eyed whereas your Lord is not one-eyed.
[ n/slfm_e. ]

The believer is easy and lenient (hayyinun layyinun) to the point … [+]
[ n/rkx_e.#5h ]

The believer is guileless  and noble (al-mu'minu ghirron karīm) … [+]
[ n/rkx_e.#5h ]

The best of muslim believers is the one from whose tongue and hand muslims … [+]
[ o/dstm_e.#bm ]

The best of the men's prayer-rows is the first and the worst the last … [+]
[ o/wbm_e. ]

The destruction of my Community will take place at the hands of boys … [+]
[ n/ahtv_e.#dq ] [ n/asym_e.#db ] ( k/ahpp_e. )

The final hour will not begin until the sun rises from its point of setting … [+]
[ n/hc_e.#fh ]

The Fire complained to its Lord and said, 'My constituent parts are consuming … [+]
[ n/maq_e. ]

The Hour will not rise until ALLAH, ALLAH is no longer said on the earth.
[ naw/daa_e.#th ]

The men and women who remember Allah much /the single-minded (mufarridūn)
[ k/hdra_e.#s ]

The mujahid is he who makes jihad against his nafs (ego) for the sake of obeying Allah.
[ sp1#jhdn ]

The pursuit of knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.
[ n/vwh_e.#w40 ]

The Qadariyya are the Zoroastrians (majūs) of this Community.
[ n/qms_e.#qz ]

The right of the husband over the wife is that if he wants her she must not prevent … [+]
[ n/nwph_e. ]

The two eyes commit zina, the two hands commit zina … [+]
[ sp1#28 ]

There is no child born except in pristine disposition (fitra). Then … [+]
[ n/hfhl_e. ]

There is no goodness in the congregation of women except … [+]
[ sm1#12 ]

There will be in my Community a dissent and a faction, a people with excellent … [+]
[ k/hpf_e. ]

Therefore, treat women kindly.
[ n/qof2_e. ]

There will be, after sixty years, { a later generation who have ruined worship and … … [+]
[ n/asym_e.#un-3 ] [ n/ahtv_e. ]

They killed him, may Allāh kill them! Could they not ask if they knew not? … [+]
[ n/hnp_e. ]

They transferred the Qur'anic verses meant to refer to unbelievers and made … [+]
[ k/hpf_e. ]

Think about everything but never think about [the Essence of] Allah Most High for … [+]
[ n/hc_e.#te ]

This particular clan (h.ayy) of the Quraysh shall remain safe until they turn away … [+]
[ k/ahpp_e. ] ( n/asym_e. ) ( n/ahtv_e. )

Those who will destroy the people are this particular clan (hādhā al-h.ayyu) … [+]
[ n/asym_e. ] [ n/ahtv_e. ] ( k/ahpp_e. )

Time shall grow short and knowledge decrease, dissensions appear … [+]
[ n/rkx_e.#tm ] [ n/rkx_e.#20 ]

Truly, Allah Most High created Adam from a handful of earth … [+]
[ sp1#45 ]

Truly, Allah shall send forth for this Community, at the onset of every hundred … [+]
[ n/shfi_e.#2hs ]

Truly, the sun and the moon are among the signs of Allah and they do not undergo eclipse.
[ k/ecl_e. ]

Truly, time has come around to the way it was the day Allah created the heavens … [+]
[ n/hc_e. ]

Two types of drunkenness shall be observed among you [Muslim] … [+]
[ sm1#ccc ]

Verily, Allah has angels that roam the earth and convey to me the … [+]
[ o/prb_e. ]

Verily, Allah is beautiful and loves beauty. … [+]
[ sp1#47 ]

Verily, Allah looks not at your bodies nor at your faces but He looks at your hearts.
[ n/rkx_e.#up-3-8 ]

Verily, you shall not see Allah until you die.
[ n/bvis_e. ]

Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will her … [+]
[ n/signh_e. ]

Verily, you shall not see Allah until you die.
[ n/va_e.#sa ] [ n/va_e. ]

Verily, the lawful is manifest and the forbidden is manifest, but between them … [+]
[ n/rkx_e.#1 ]

Verily, there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good … [+]
[ n/rkx_e.#hrt-rkx_e ]

What I most fear in my community is a man who interprets verses of the Qur'an … [+]
[ k/hpf_e. ]

When Allah Most High was mentioned they swayed the way trees sway on a windy day.
[ k/hdra_e.#f ]

When one of you dies and you smooth the earth over him, let one of you stand … [+]
[ k/idab_e.#e ]

When you meet the idolatrous enemy, call them to three things. … [+]
[ o/abil_e.#w ]

Whoever among you lives to see the time of the Anti-Christ should recite … [+]
[ n/hc_e.#2 ]

Whoever calls his [Muslim] brother ‘kafir', it becomes definitely true of one of the two.
[ o/murb_e.#c ]

Whoever denies belief in the Dajjal, has certainly committed disbelief … [+]
[ o/murb_e.#up-n3 ]

Whoever enters the market then says 'There is no divinity but Allāh, alone … [+]
[ n/js_e.#mrk ]

Whoever invokes one blessing upon me, Allah blesses him ten times.
[ k/dt_e.#wi ]

Whoever prays the dawn prayer in congregation then waits patiently until … [+]
[ n/sldh_e. ]

Whoever preserves 40 hadiths for my Umma.
[ n/vwh_e.#w40 ]

Whosoever visits me, I shall be his intercessor or witness for him; and … [+]
[ k/brd35_e.#v ]

Whoever visits my grave, my intercession will be guaranteed for him.
[ n/itay_e.#20 ] [ d/itp.#wvmg ]

Whoever wholly dedicates to Allah forty days, the wellsprings of wisdom … [+]
[ k/ta_e. ] [ n/rw40_e. ]

Whoever would like for Allāh to increase his income and lengthen his span … [+]
[ n/qms_e.#21 ]

When you meet the idolatrous enemy, call them to three things … [+]
[ o/abil_e. ] ( o/abil_e.#w )

Women who are clothed but (at the same time) naked , turning their heads … [+]
[ n/vii_e. ]

Worship Allah as if you see Him.
[ n/bvis_e. ]

You are my companions, and our brothers are those who have, so far, not … [+]
[ k/hklh_e.#3 ]

You are my freedman (anta mawlay)
[ k/hdra_e.#f ]

You do not know they turned Apostates?
[ k/hklh_e.#2 ]

You have come for the best, from the smaller jihad (al-jihad al-asghar) to the … [+]
[ n/dgjh_e. ]

You must follow my Sunna and the Sunna of the rightly-guided, upright … [+]
[ k/fms_e. ]

Your life in comparison to the lifetime of past nations is like the period between … [+]
[ ahanifa_e. ]

2. Hadith Referenced to these Pages

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[placing] a stalk on top of the grave
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