Preamble 1

On the Campaign Against the World Religion Islam

Allah ﷻ (may His Majesty be exalted) says to those who believe in God - Allah and the Life to come:
{O you who have faith! Be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves…}
Sura 4-135

{ يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُونُوا قَوَّامِينَ بِالْقِسْطِ شُهَدَاءَ لِلَّهِ وَلَوْ عَلَىٰ أَنفُسِكُمْ }

THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS between East and West may at first glance appear as grave and unsettling, yet anyone who believes that the power of Allah encompasses both good and evil, should neither be surprised nor disheartened.
All is providential, and wherever man blasphemes, desecrates, and destroys, there the Beneficient, the Merciful, also spreads His blessings. Across the deaths and the ruins, fates are fulfilled according to the obscure law of the eternal equilibrium and the ways of mystery. Thus, far beyond the storms and cataclysms, the vows of the believers constitute a cosmic force. 
Notes on Islam, Abdul Hādi - Ivan Agueli, 1902; quoted in Sensation of Eternity, Oliver Fotros; 2021

We live in strange times with a lot of good but also a lot of suffering and ignorance: The latter are consequences of the loss of the sacred, and the hardening of hearts.
Instead of asking "Where is God?" the question should be: "Where are those who will alleviate the suffering, injustices and the hunger of the millions?"

When those who complain about Islam - while pretending to care about ’Western culture’ - claim that “there is a structural problem with this religion that is preventing its followers from assimilating properly into Western culture,”

→ then we will ask if maybe this is so because there are serious ’structural problems with Western culture,’ and that those ’structural problems’ not only go against the divine message of Islam and of all God-sent messages, but also against the convictions of every decent fellow-citizen.

Never before have various epidemics of sinful living (i.e. missing the mark) been so pervasive as today.
Think about those many harmful features and damaging developments in Western (and increasingly Eastern) society and culture, which drag people lower every moment, without any effective effort to stem the tide from those in power or anyone. These are the mechanisms of counter-tradition, against which there can be only One Who can help.

Is this not occasion enough to review what ’Western values’ are and to discard what is vile and reprehensible? And as those ’Western values’ once upon a time grew out of the Christian tradition, maybe one will be surprised to see what Islam has to offer.

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1. China, India, Israel, inflicting terror on Muslims,

and Christians, and others.: China, India, Israel

Branding it ”fighting terrorism” - not true!

It is a scheme by the power-loving, greedy 'elites' of this world, to gobble up ever more, no matter the human cost.

In any case it is mostly Muslims who suffer from terrorism. This is terrorism used as a political tool, by both militant groups and state sponsored actors (secret services and 'private armies'), and neo-imperialistic states. (”The war on terror!”). Remember: A Secret We Cannot Talk About.
And there are also extremists and terrorists using the language and the symbols of Islam, who are knowingly or unknowingly working for the enemies of Islam. See Clarification of Extremism and Links Extremism.
So we are still counting the (human) cost on the so-called ”war on terror”, which is really war of terror.

India -Hindutva

Indian fascists are preparing (right now 20211225) a genocide against the Muslims of their country. Everyone who is a quiet bystander/ observer is guilty of complicity.

America, Europe - what did you learn from the Nazi holocaust of Jews?

Human Rights of Indian Minorities continue to be violated under the Modi Gvmt

Hindutva are fascists on steroids, glorifying Hitler…

 The anti-Muslim hate in India is getting unbearable

India -Kashmir

India is keeping Kashmir under lockdown, killing and raping!

”Sisters have died saving their brothers, wives have died shielding their husbands and mothers have died longing for their missing sons in Indian Occupied Kashmir.”
Statement at #HCR43 @UN_HRC, UN Human Rights Council, Geneva

Statement by Prof.Dr.Shagufta Ashraf at UN Human Rights Council, Geneva @profshagufta

China - automated, cruel society.

Harming the Uyghurs - very bad policies.

more to follow…

 Why Are Muslim Politicians Silent and Complicit in China’s Uyghur Crimes?

Israel - Apartheid state

Inflicting daily harm on the Palestinians, mostly Muslims, also Christians, and real Jews.

more to follow…

 Free Palestine! Pages on Palestine/ Zionism

2. On the ’War on Terror’

And the Increase of Right-Wing Nationalism and Islam hatred

In the last couple of years the war on terror has morphed into increased and hardened oppression against Muslims in China (Uyghurs), India, Palestine/ Israel a.o.

Also this policy has enflamed the hatred of some against Islam and Muslims in the West, which recently piked in the terror attacks against innocent worshippers, such as in the New Zealand mosque shooting in 2019 by a right-wing white supremacist misguided person. ”Islamophobia” has increased in general often coupled with an increase in right-wing, nationalistic tendencies together with the emergence new political parties.

Then there is what is called the Islamophobia industry broadly supported by the Israel government[fn1] and their stooges in order to boost Zionist Apartheid policies and to deflect from their occupation of Palestine.

Terrorist movements - such as Daesh - do call themselves Islamic and use Islam’s sacred symbols, but they are wolves in sheep skins. The extremists play their part in the increasing antagonism against Islam and the deteriorating situation for Muslims in China, India and elsewhere. At the same time are their crimes used as a justification to bend the rule of law and infringe on human rights.

NB: Right-Wing Nationalism and Islam hatred is also promulgated and funded by the UAE, Dubai, in various countries.
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The ’war on terror’ is but a war on Islam and every truth-loving person - the aim is to enforce the superpowers' global hegemony on the back of the poor and disenfranchised - against most of us. In order to split the people a wave of demonizing Islam has been unleashed from certain quarters of the West and the East - especially since 9/11.

This terrorism lie and its devastating wars have now spread globally, with all kinds of repressive policies enacted by emerging proto-fascist dictatorships. In their delirium success is sought by clamping down on their Muslim populations: China, Israel, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen,Syria, Saud-, Egypt, UAE, Myanmar…

It is a campaign staged by the self-loving, warmongering Dajjali (Antichrist) elites, in order to distract from more life-changing issues which mankind has to face: The loss of the sacred, corruption in high places, deconstruction of the family, poverty of the underprivileged masses, depletion of the environment.

In parallel measures are taken to step-by-step curb democratic and social rights and surreptitiously establish a kleptocratic police & surveillance state.

The aim is to restructure societies so that there will more spending on military warfare and less expenditure for welfare, on health and social security. That way economic and social rights are threatened, even the right to healthy food and water, while swelling the profits of the few!

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This is their dream of a new world order, in which justice for all is ridiculed, the poor are trampled upon, the middle classes reduced, and where the superrich erect their tyrannical regimes. However sooner or later, those new Pharaohs (Firaun) will be humiliated!

NB1: The killing of innocents (non-combatants) is terrorism, no matter if by states or non-state perpetrators, no matter the justification. The bombings of civilians (in Muslim countries and elsewhere) are war crimes, there is no justification.

NB2: Suicide-bombings have never been and will never be part of Islam!

Islam has clear rules for every life situation, so wars are only fought for defence and the reckless targeting of civilians is clearly forbidden, as is mistreating, or even torturing prisoners.   Islam is the way to safeguard human dignity and well-being in this life and the next. It is the means to guide man & woman to reach God-consciousness, as exemplified by the Holy Prophet ﷺ.
  This website is intended to bear witness to the beauty and reality of the Islamic tradition, now and until the Coming of Al-Mahdi (peace and blessings be upon him).
 Don’t believe the lies of those who hate Islam, inform yourself, ask Muslims or even better Muslim scholars!

Islam is peace and truth, the rule of law, justice and light!
Islam is also mercy, goodness and wisdom!
Islam is honor and the right to self-defence!

Patterns of Deception Common in the War on Terror: Mumbai 2008, India

3. From the War on Terror to the Covid Scare

Another viewpoint on 9/11 and Covid-19

The Corbett report (2020-09-11):

9/11 - The War on Terror Was a Power Grab.

check_ for a Corbett report transcript of the last 3 min of the video
 From the War on Terror to the Covid Scare (YouTube)

{ وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا }

{And say: Truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished away. Lo! falsehood is ever bound to vanish.}

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