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In the Pursuit of Truth & Justice

What We Need to Stand Up To.
We Condemn the Evil Actions of the Racists,
…of the Zionist settler regime against the Palestinian indigenous inhabitants of the land! Violence will be useless!
Land theft will not be accepted! God's / G-d's / Allah's promise is not for Zionists who turned the Bible into a land registry and who strengthen the most extreme and most supremacist, racist forces in this country.

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“Innocent children”
But you don’t want to see that

Israel has killed on average:

1 Palestinian child:
Every 3 days
For 18 years
71 years ethnic cleansing
50 years occupation
IDF shoots children flying flags
Victim blaming

“… permitted them to return to their promise land.”

But land is not promised to the thief!

There is NO permission to ongoing ethnic cleansing.

Open your mind if you want to live in peace!

Truth can never be eradicated.

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) knew the word Palestine if you would but care:

Transgenderism - A Social, Postmodernist Construct:

This is another front in the attack of the evil forces against everything good & true: Spiritual ignorance and confusion coupled with the mental and bodily destruction of the youth of the West (and spreading…).

Dr. Michelle Cretella on Transgenderism:
A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right
 Islam is the compass!

Someone wrote Islam has an ”equally dogmatic commitment to using violence to defend one’s faith (which) is central to the doctrine of Islam.”

The default in Islam is peace:

Using Non-Violence In Issues Pertaining To The Muslims
We are not in a perpetual state of war with non-Muslims. On the contrary, the original legal status [al-asl] is a state of peace, and … #Islam #peace #non-violence #co-existence
See: Fatwa Against The Targeting Of Civilians

How the Media Rigs News on Palestine and Israel

Example: The New York Times
Presentation by James North
Shown at a few examples from the New York Times

This kind of new racism (enmity_against_Islam)

will destroy democratic societies from the inside, it tends to undermine the social contract. It is a sinister strategy by the arrogant power elites.

My Book (the Quran) does not ‘urge’ me to do what you write about.

It commands every human being to have faith in the invisible, eternal Supreme Source of Being, while acting with higher ethics, incl. good neighbourhood.

+Selfdefense is a human right.

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