The Superstition of Science

Extract from René Guénon’s ”East And West”.

East And West, first published 1924 in French as: ”Orient et Occident”.

The now globally spread, originally Western idea of science, which René Guénon calls ’the superstition of science’, is all too reductive to be true, it is in fact a devastating error on many levels. Truth is of course more than the eye - or the nano-microscope - can see. The root for this misconception lies in the 250 - 450 year old history of how in old Europe the sources of knowledge (epistemology) were reduced to sensible, measurable phenomena - since the ’Renaissance’ and ever after, then globally spread to national elites by Western dominance, or as in the case of modern China, where the leadership adopted a very extreme form of materialism and anti-tradition.
So what was once a problem of Western Europe is now an even bigger worldwide problem.

In ”East And West” René Guénon starts off with this premise:

"The civilization of the modern West appears in history a veritable anomaly: among all those which are known to us more or less completely, this civilization is the only one which has developed along purely material lines and this monstrous development, whose beginning coincides with the so-called Renaissance, has been accompanied, as indeed it was fated to be, with a corresponding intellectual** regress; we say corresponding and not equivalent, because here are two orders of things between which there can be no common measure.

This regress has reached such a point that the Westerners of today no longer know what pure intellect** is; in fact they do not even suspect that anything of the kind can exist; hence their disdain, not only for eastern civilization, but also for the Middle Ages of Europe, whose spirit escapes them scarcely less completely.

**true spirituality: What Is True Spirituality?

True spirituality is what connects man and woman to the Highest, to the Supreme Center. It connects you to Truth, to the Real, to the invisible, intangible Source of everything. It will show you your real place in this life, not what you may wish it to be, but what it is now and will become one day. DRG

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