2 Weighty Things
Add. On Prostration
Ahl al-Bayt
Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jamaʿa
Ahl as sunna
Ahlu-Sunnah sources
Ahlul Bayt (pbut) acc. Ahlu Sunnah
Al-Bukhari - Shia
Al-Ghazali - Al Khilafa
Ali's birth
Ali & Companions
Allah's Mercy
Angel of death
Arabs superior?
Belief, Corr. Others'
Best Trait in Women
Birth of the Prophet
chess & dice (maysar)
Coll. Dua
Contraception - Islam
Copyright in Islam
Corr. Others' Belief
Deobandi - Wahabi
Dhikr vs Takfir
Divorce, question
Fard Prayers
Female Scholars
food at restaurant
Forty Hadith comm
Friends, non musl
Hadith about STDs
Hadith of Adam (as)
Hadith of poking w/ foot
Hadith Sc; lit
Hafsa's Qur'an
Hands At Salah
Hazir And Nazir
hoping for Khilafa
Husband - Wife
Inhaled Medication Breaks Fast?
Ithnaa Asharis [upd.]
Ja'far (ra)
Jamaat in Makka
Jesus (as)
Jihad & Khilafa
Juristic Principles
Khamr, Prohibition Of
Khatm al-Quran
Khilafa, hoping for
Khilafa & Jihad
Khomeini: Kashf al-Asrar
Kissing of Qur'an
Knowledge - China
Knowledge of Unseen, P
Law, Principles
Law, Sources of
Loan - zakat
misguidance, trap of
Misled People
Misses in Salāh
Mourning And Wailing
Muh. Abduh
Mujaddid Ulema
Mujtahid mutlaq
Munkar - Silence?
My Light
nafl at fajr?
Nifaq + splitting hearts
Non-Hajj Sacrifice
Non-Msl Friends
Non-Msl relatives
Oral Sex
P's Knowledge of Unseen
Paying Wages
places of alcohol
Plucking off eyebrows
Principles, Juristic
Probl hadith
Prohibition Of Khamr
Prostration, Taqwiyat al-Iman on
Prostration. Add. On
Protocols of Zion
purification, aya
Q: Divorce
Qiyamah Fri. 10th Muhr
questions - nasiha
Rafidah narrators
Raja'ib and other prayers
Rawafid Shiah
re: aya purification
rep- al-Buti's fatwa
resurgence of Islam
salāh times
Salāh, Misses in
Shafi Fiqh, books
Shi'ite narr.
Shia - Al-Bukhari
Shia disbel?
Sources Isl. Law
Studying Islam in Yemen
swear by God
Tafsir 4:159
Talibaan & Idols
Taqwiyat al-Iman on prostration
trap of misguidance
Trial - Grave
Ulema, Mujaddid
Umm Kulthum al-Hashimiyya
Unseen, Knowledge of
Usman (ra)
Vest (not T-shirt)
Wahdat-ul Wujud
warning ourselves
Wife Beating?
Wife's Right to Divorce
Wives of Prophet
Women banned?
Women issues
Women Travel
Women, Best Trait in
Writing S.A.W.
Ya Shaykh Madad


arrow out1. Why are the various Fard prayers a particular number of rakats?
arrow out2. Why are the two daylight prayers done silently, others loud?
arrow out3. What About Praying Shoulder to Shoulder?
arrow out4. What is the definition of the word "Sahabi" (Companions of the Prophet ﷺ) ?
arrow out5. C/f Ahl al-Bayt, our Mothers, wives of Prophet ﷺ, Khadijat; Sayyida Fatima?
arrow out6. Who is a Sahabah?
arrow out7. What is the Islamic view on democracy ?
arrow out8. Could it be that an ʿAbd ( an obedient servant of Allah ), … still hates death ?
arrow out9. Are the Sahihayn (Bukhari and Muslim) 100% Sahih?
arrow out10. What About Smoking In Islam ?
arrow out11. Mention some Juristic Principles & Usuli Points ?
arrow out12. Should we join the Jamaat in Makka ?
arrow out13. Can we join Jamaat behind Kabaa's Imam if not ahl as sunna ?
arrow out14.Are Shi'ite Narrators of Hadeeth Relied Upon By The Sunnite ?
arrow out15. Are the Shia (Rafidis) unbelievers ?
arrow out16.Hands At Salah (Prayer)
arrow out17. Traveller Status
arrow out18. The Hur al-ʿAyn (Houris)
arrow out19. Sajda, An Act Of Worship
arrow out20. Claim Made About The Sahaba (Mawlid)
arrow out21. Wasiyya the Caliphate
arrow out22. Women issues
arrow out23. Angel of death's permission hadith
arrow out24. Books for the SHAF'I Fiqh
arrow out 25. The Age of the Ulema
arrow out26. Birth of 'Ali in the Ka'bah
arrow out27. Hafsa's Qur'an Folios
arrow out28. Dhikr versus Takfir
arrow out29. Hazir And Nazir And The Divine Attributes
arrow out30. "The First Thing That Allah Created Was My Nur"
arrow out31. Commentaries of the Forty Hadith
arrow out32. Wife Beating
arrow out33. Involvement in politics
arrow out34. Deceased non-Muslim relatives
arrow out35. Arguing with mother
arrow out36.[ alleged] stories of Walis who lost out to Shaytan
arrow out37. Seek Knowledge as far as China
arrow out38. Protocols of Zion
arrow out39. Monarchy in Qur'an and Hadith
arrow out40. Silence in the Face of Munkar
arrow out41. Sayyiduna Usman (ra) crown of my head
arrow out42. Janaza
arrow out43. Date And Time of Birth of the Prophet ﷺ
arrow out44.[Are there] rafidah narrators in the ahlal sunna texts ?
arrow out45. Miracles
arrow out46.Is Kosher NOT Halal!?
arrow out47. Paying Wages on Time
arrow out48.Did Umar (ra) ban women from mosque?
arrow out49. What Makes A Person Kafir?
arrow out50.What is Sufism?
arrow out51. Non-Muslim Friends
arrow out52. Muhammad ʿAbduh
arrow out53. Greetings of Salām
arrow out54.Problematic Hadiths And Various Questions
arrow out55. Early Jumuʿa
arrow out56.The Sunna Status Of Collective Supplication (duʿa)
arrow out57. Adam And The Fruit Of Paradise
arrow out58.Why would Allah create evil?
arrow out59. Divorce And Husband - Wife Relations
arrow out60.Definition of a mujtahid mutlaq
arrow out61. Can a rawafid Shiah - Muslim lead the prayer?
arrow out62.Creating Islamic Lending Institutions
arrow out63. Conquest of Constantinople
arrow out64.Wahdat-ul-Wujud
arrow out65. A Narration on the Best Trait in Women
arrow out66.On Hajj
arrow out67. Kissing a volume of the Qur'an
arrow out68.Tolerance in Islam
arrow out69. 3 Quesions (qibla, missing in salāh, women travel)
arrow out70.Shia using Sunni sources?
arrow out71. On Khatm al-Quran on the 40th day
arrow out72.On Khamr [And What Intoxicates]
arrow out73. Insurance and Loans
arrow out74.If Jesus wasn't crucified, what really did happen?
arrow out75. How Allah displays His Mercy
arrow out76.Has Allah placed Arabs above non Arabs?
arrow out77. On Female Scholars
arrow out78."I am leaving amongst you TWO WEIGHTY THINGS"
arrow out79. How To Approach Blank And Misled People
arrow out80.Tafsir (Explanation of Quranic Verse) 4:159
arrow out81.Disparagement of our Liege-Lord ʿAli from the Minbar
arrow out82.Did the mufassiroon take from Ja'far (ra)?
arrow out83. The Position Of Yazid
arrow out84.Literature About Hadith Sciences In English
arrow out85. Trial Of The Grave
arrow out86.About Lying
arrow out87. Question about promises
arrow out88.Miscarriage
arrow out89. I made him swear by God
arrow out90.Al-Khilafa And Imam al-Ghazali
arrow out91. Raja'ib and other prayers
arrow out91. Salāh times
arrow out91. Taqwiyat al-Iman on prostration
arrow out91. Addendum On Prostration
arrow out91. nafl at fajr time?
arrow out92. Contraception - Islam
arrow out92. Oral Sex
arrow out92.Hadith about STDs
arrow out93a. Hadith of poking with foot
arrow out93a. Plucking off eyebrows
arrow out93a. Hadith of Adam (as)
arrow out93a. Writing S.A.W.
arrow out93a. Vest (not T-shirt)
arrow out93a. Deobandi - Wahabi
arrow out93a. Question About Belief
arrow out93a. Nifaq and splitting hearts
arrow out 93a. Corr. Others' Belief
arrow out93b.Sources Of Islamic Law
arrow out93b.Talibaan & Idols
arrow out93b.Holyness
arrow out 93b.Concerning the Prophet's Knowledge of Unseen
arrow out93b.Non-Hajj Sacrifice
arrow out93b.rep- al-Buti's fatwa
arrow out93b.Loan - zakat
arrow out93b.Tatoos
arrow out93b.Studying Islam in Yemen
arrow out93b.Copyright in Islam
arrow out93c.some questions and advice (nasiha)
arrow at restaurant
arrow out93c.places of alcohol
arrow out93c.resurgence of Islam
arrow out93c.trap of misguidance
arrow out93c.warning ourselves
arrow out93c.hoping for Khilafa
arrow out93c.chess & dice (maysar)
arrow out94a.Muharram
arrow out94a.Qiyamah Friday 10th Muharram
arrow out94a.Al-Bukhari, Muslim - Shia
arrow out94a.Khomeini: Kashf al-Asrar
arrow out94a.regarding: aya of purification
arrow out94a.Shia/Sunni
arrow out94b. Ref. Ahlu-Sunnah sources
arrow out94b. Ahlul Bayt (pbut) acc. to Ahlu Sunnah
arrow out94b. Are Arabs superior?
arrow out94b. Umm Kulthum al-Hashimiyya
arrow out 94b. Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jamaʿa
arrow out94b. Ithnaa Asharis [upd.]
arrow out94b. Mourning And Wailing
arrow out95.Question on Divorce
arrow out95.Oath of Wife's Right to Divorce
arrow out96. Mujaddid Ulema
arrow out97.Khamr, Prohibition Of
arrow out98. Ya Shaykh Madad (calling out)
arrow out99.Jihad & Khilafa
arrow out100. various Questions & Answers (1) - page with titles
arrow out101. various Questions & Answers (2) - page with titles
arrow out102. various Questions & Answers (3) - page with titles (being updated)
arrow out103. various Questions & Answers (4) - page with titles
arrow out104.Inhaled bronchodilator medication breaks the fast.




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